We are really sorry to inform that BETNetwork operations are under scanners of legal authorities due to questions raised on legality of online betting and all work has been put on freeze.

Since the investigation is going on, Alpha version of BETNetwork platform is put on hold. We hope to continue the operations soon and shall share an update as soon as the investigation is over.

Thanks for your understanding. For any queries, please contact : support@betnetwork.online 


Our Mission

BET Network aims to solve all problems around gambling world with implementation of DAPP (Distributed Applications) over Ethereum block chain network. Here are main features that platform offers and solution to the problems exist today.

Host Events with Your Own Betting Rules

Bet Newtwork gives it's users the ability to easily create smart contracts via Platforms's UI to host any betting events with their own rules.

Bets for Everything

Platform allows betting on all type of prediction events, beat it's traditional online betting games, sports events, political and list continues.

100's of Inbuilt Betting Games on Smart Contracts

Platform comes with plenty of inbuilt online betting games currently available in the market. 

Peer to Peer - No National Boundaries

There are no boundaries for the Betters on the platform, they only need to be on the Internet and join the betting across world what ever they wish to.

No Fees & Commisions

There will be no fees & commissions needed here as no betting agencies are involved. Better's will have to pay a little gas fee in ETH for the processing of contracts and this will be shared between the betters involved in the contract.

ETH & BTN Integrated Wallets

Platform accepts ETH and BTN as currency for betting and comes with Integrated Crypto wallets for both.

Escrow Accounts - No Risk of Fraud

Bet amounts will be secured in the escrow account which is controlled by the Smart contract. Winning amount will be transferred instantly by the Smart contract  to winner upon results.

Anonymity As Much You Need

Since platform runs over ethereum network, users only need to have the ETH or BTN wallets without disclosing their identity.

Integration of Popular Betting API's

Many of the popular API's for online betting games will be integrated in the platform.

Roadmap of BETNetwork


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tranfer BTN tokens to another ETH or Exchange wallets ?

Yes, tokens can be transferred after Crowdsale ends.

Will I be able to trade the BTN tokens on Exchange ?

BTN tokens can be traded on ETHERDELTA and DECENTREX exchanges when crowdsale ends. Listing on other exchanges such as HITBTC, BITTREX, POLONIEX will follow next.

When the platform would be live?

Platform development is in advance stage and we are running on schedule as given in the road map. Please refer the roadmap or white paper for more details. 


When will I receive bonus tokens ?

All bonus tokens will be transferred to your account on 11th Sep.

What is the best way to get updates on platform ?

Subscribe your email for updates or follow us on twitter for frequent updates.

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